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Lingo is the project of KT Niehoff. It is the container for her creative works in all forms: performance, commissions, writing, film, teaching and research. Lingo expands and contracts in numbers depending on the demands of the work, yet is centered around a recurring cast of characters who have been instrumental in the creation of Lingo's vision. Read More...

KT Niehoff, Artistic Director of Lingo

KT Niehoff is a current MAP Fund recipient for the support of her 2012/13 projects, commissioned by ACT Theatre (Seattle) and Alverno Presents (Milwaukee). She was a 2009/10 Artist in Residence with ACT Theatre's "Central Heating Lab" in Seattle, a 2006 MANCC Fellow and a 2001 Artist Trust Fellow (Seattle). She appeared in Dance Magazine's April '08 "International Women in Dance" and was named 2007 Dance Artist of the Year by Seattle Magazine. Read More...

Current Obsession

Seattle, WA / Feb 22 & 23, 2014

KT teaches technique workshop at Velocity

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Seattle, WA / Collision Theory 2012 - 2013

View artifacts from Lingo's most epic performance project

Collision Theory Home

Seattle, WA / 2014

10 degrees: Capitol Hill's favorite event space


Seattle, WA / The Past

The Viewing Room & The See Gallery

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